Our Vision 

At Sarila Hotels we create communities guests can rely on for the comfort and emotional support they can’t take with them when they leave home.To be the leading smart hotel in central java with most attractive, innovative and sincerest product as well as service delivery

Our Mission

To consistently provide personalized service through a committed team that exceeds guest expectations by offering quality products and services.

The Three Sarila Principles

Sarila’s success has based its adherence to its three Sarila principles:

  1. Respect For Human Dignity
  2. The Best Guest Service
  3. In Search Of Excellence

The backbone of the entire operation is the enlightened staff policy, by which the company consistently seeks to empower personnel to deliver extraordinary guest service and to be an inextricable part of the company’s commitment to excellence.


  • Our managers are strategic, think holistically, and make good decisions
  • Our managers are given responsibility and authority and ensure good results and growth for each individual employee and for the enterprise as a whole
  • Our managers are clear and accessible
  • Our managers expect a lot from the employees, motivate them, and give constructive feedback
  • Our managers are inclusive and listen


  • We treat each other with respect
  • We share knowledge and make each other good
  • We give each other information and assume responsibility for getting information
  • We are loyal to decisions that have been made
  • We all have a shared responsibility to ensure our working environment is safe and good

Our Values

We are good, honest people who care.

  • We value and respect all people.
  • We serve others with friendliness and sincerity.
  • Our business dealings are of the highest integrity.

Consistent quality is present in all we do.

  • We do it right the first time.
  • Satisfaction is guaranteed.
  • Our hotels are clean, well-maintained and built to last.
  • We take pride in a job well done.

Hard work gets results.

  • We practice patience and persistence.
  • Work is fun and rewarding.

It’s the people who make it all happen.

  • Teamwork is the key to our success.
  • We focus on making the best decisions for today and for the long-term.
  • We are committed to change and innovations.
  • Ours is a family business and we all share in its prosperity.